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The European Certification Board is set up in cooperation between European countries in order to coordinate requirements for education, work experience and testing of addictions counselors, prevention specialists, and clinical supervisors.

Important questions:

  • To protect the public by establishing standards and facilitating reciprocity for the credentialing of prevention and addiction related professionals.
  • To ensure basic educational requirements and supervised work experience for professionals working in the prevention and addiction fields.
  • We need the Diploma from the European Certification Board to be acknowledged as a fulfilment of educational requirement. We need to agree on the requirements involved in obtaining this Diploma, which should be the same in all the participating countries. We also need to be able to support working counselors all over Europe as our abilities increase with time, preferably by offering them continuous training and workshops.
  • We are all a part of a European community and can freely move between countries and work in different places. Therefore, it is helpful to set up a system enabling us to communicate and cooperate. Eight European countries have already decided to become members of the European Certification Board. The larger our community becomes, the stronger it will be. We need professional people to solve dire needs within our communities and we need to ensure professionalism, skills, and competence.
  • To become a part of a European community of professionals.
  • To ensure that counseling and prevention in the participating countries meet set standards for the education and training of addiction and prevention professionals.
  • Such certification would enable counselors and prevention specialists to be mobile between those countries having decided to honor the certifications.
  • Addiction has one of the highest mortality rates in many European countries.
  • Food addiction is a growing concern for health care professionals all over the world, especially in Western countries.
  • We need prevention to minimize the cost of addictions, social and health problems
  • Addiction counselors and prevention specialists must therefore be well educated and trained professionals.


ECB approves number of education and examinations from schools that fulfil the requriemants of knowledge and skills required for certification by ECB. Schools are welcome to apply for approval.



ECB certifies addictions counselors, prevention specialists, and clinical supervisors. Applicants for certification must meet defined criteria regarding knowledge and work experience as well as approving the Ethical Standards of ECB.



Those having been certified by the ECB are required to renew their certification every two years in order to show that they have been active in their profession and have acquired new knowledge. The ECB organizes and/or supports courses and workshops that can expand the knowledge and improve the skills of those working in prevention and counseling.



Trauma and violence – causes and consequences

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The European Council in Prevention and Counseling in collaboration with FRÆ, the Iceland's Counseling School and The INFACT, School of Food Addiction held a course on last September 8th where trauma and violence, causes and consequences were discussed.

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Motivational Interviewing – Seminar with Stephen R. Andrew

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More than 40 participants attended the Motivational Interview course, which ended yesterday. The participants were generally satisfied. Stephen R. Andrew is a renowned teacher and mentor with expertise in the Motivational Interviewing methodology. He has vast experience and ...

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… from certified counselors after their studies

„Everything was first class. We were taught interviewing techniques, we looked at other sites, we looked inward at ourselves, and everything was difficult. I have matured a lot in this school and I can recommend it for everybody.“

Eymundur, addiction counselor

„The emphasis placed on motivational interviewing is probably the most useful experience that I had.“

Rakel, BA in Political Science and addiction counselor

„These were not easy studies and we sometimes came out sweaty and tear-stained; however, we also came out stronger and better able to know who we are and who we can become, thus becoming better counselors in various contexts. We have become more focused, open-minded, hopeful, responsible, and last but not least, happier.“

Kristín, addiction counselor

„I have absorbed eveything which was offered, among that was what my co-students offered, we had a classroom full of specialists in various subjects. We also had fun and laughed a lot.“

Svanur, addiction counselor

„I fell that these studies have been quite useful for me as a wife, a mother, and a teacher. I can listen better to my childrens‘ needs and I am more careful when I listen to others and interact with them.“

Guðrún, teacher and addiction counselor

„I come out of this school much richer than I came in. I know better where I stand and where I am going.“

Ágústa, nurse and addiction counselor

I learned more about myself in a few months than I had previously done in years. My past and my future have changed.“

Oddný, addiction counselor

„I started this school because I was interested in working with food addicts, and for myself as well. I was happy with diverse presentations and interesting readings. After having finished this school I am better able to make something out of my life in general. My communication skills have improved and I see the results of that at home, at work and among my friends.“

Lilja, BA in education and addiction counselor

„I am convinced that this was a unique opportunity to ensure a very well thought out and professional approach to make a prevention plan for the community. We received knowledge and guidance, which is an investment wich will pay off when we implement the community prevention plan.“

Helga, prevention specialist and educational officer
„The most memorable emphasis in our studies was on a critical approach to everything that we hear and read. Therefore I had to confront what I mostly disliked in myself, being judgmental and prejudiced. I have learned that sometimes it pays to take two steps backwards and contemplate the issue at hand.“
Lilja, a prevention specialist

„These studies have made me a better individual and a better professional. I would like to encourage everybody who wants to see their dreams come true to get up and apply to this school. You will not regret it.“

Sigríður, life coach and addiction counselor

„We learned practical methods and we got our training in these methods. We learned in fact unbelievably much during this short time. I now have tools to better my life and possibly the lives of others as a counselor. In addition, I see the need to seek more education in this field.“

Gísli, addiction counselor

„This is among the most difficult projects that I have undertaken, at the same time I have reaped the most from it. I have realized that change is not always easy and painless, even if it is good and right. Therefore I am convinced that I am now a better social worker than before and more self-confident. I would not have wanted to miss this experience and learning opportunity.“

Dagný, Social Worker and addiction counelor.

„We focused on ourselves and the studies widened both my inner and my outer world. I got acquainted with a new learning method, learning about people with other people and with myself as the learning material is quite an effective method. A very practical study.“

Helga, BA in leisure studies and addiction counselor

„I have become more tolerant, more understanding and less prejudiced, and I look at more issues as projects than problems since I attended your school.“

Helga, leisure centre director and addiction counselor
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